Uniform Information:

Boys' Uniform

• Navy blue uniform sports jacket *

• Grey uniform dress slacks, fitted at the waist *

    Uniform trousers are to be worn at the waist with a dress belt. The length of the trousers should not exceed beyond the top of the heel of the shoe. (Beware of buying pants in sizes that are too large.)

• White Oxford dress shirt with no emblems

    Boys must wear a white dress shirt with the uniform. A dress shirt is one that has a collar, with buttons completely down the front and is designed to be worn with a tie. Shirts are to be worn tucked into trousers.

    Only plain white T-shirts with no printing may be worn under the dress shirts. No colored or printed T-shirts are allowed

• Dress Shoes

    Boys must wear only Black or Brown leather dress shoes and dress socks. Shoes made of canvas or felt are not allowed. Shoes that resemble athletic shoes, even if they are sold as "dress shoes" are not acceptable. Athletic shoes, clogs, boots, slippers of any kind or sandals are unacceptable. Shoes must have sides and backs.

• Ties

    Ties must be tied with a regular knot and the collar must be buttoned underneath the tie.

These items may be purchased elsewhere.

* Must be purchased at:

Tom Harmer Athletic Equipment
6550 E. Riverside Loves Park, IL
(815) 877-8079

Tom Harmer will be carrying the Boylan boys' uniform slacks and jackets. Their complete stock will be arriving in mid July but if you would like to have your son fitted now, they have some sizes in stock. Currently, pre-paid orders will be filled on a first come basis. Alterations and hemming are available.

Special Offer: 15% discount on all orders paid-in-full by July 10th.


Navy Blazer:
Regular sizes through 46
Sizes 48 and up
Grey Slacks:
Regular sizes 28 through 44
Sizes 46 and up
Oxford Dress Shirts:
Long sleeve
Short sleeve
Price N/A

Girls' Uniform

• Uniform sweater *

• Uniform skirt *

    Uniform skirts may be no shorter than one inch above the knee. If a skirt cannot be altered to this length, the student must purchase a new skirt.

• Uniform blouse, in unaltered fashion *

    Only plain white T-shirts with no printing may be worn under the dress shirts. No colored or printed T-shirts are allowed

• Stockings

    Conventional knee-highs and opaques or tights are acceptable. Footless or thigh high stockings are not permitted. Any style of stockings made of fishnet material is not allowed.

• Dress Shoes

    Acceptable shoes must have flat heels, back and sides. They may not be made of canvas. No high heels of any kind, including wedge heels are permitted.

These items may be purchased elsewhere.


Order Uniforms:

Ordering Information is online at:

School Code: G0XGR

* Must be purchased at:

Dennis Uniform Manufacturing Company
1400 E. Business Center Drive, Mount Prospect, IL 60056

National Customer Service 800.854.6951


$45.50 to $46.50
Blouses - short sleeve
$25.00 to $25.50
Blouses - long sleeve
$21.50 to $25.50
$29.00 to $38.75