Boylan Business & Professional Network:

Boylan Catholic has thousands of talented alumni who are excelling in their respective professions. Our business and professional community would benefit from the opportunity to learn from each other, network with each other, and help each other grow professionally, personally, and spiritually.



Boylan Boomeranger Concept

The Boylan Boomeranger concept is simple: Identify and reach out to our 20-30 something alumni who have graduated from college and who have started their careers in other cities. Our message to them:

  • Boylan is inviting alumni to return to Rockford to live, work, raise their families, and to serve the Church, Boylan Catholic, and the greater Rockford community.
  • There is a lot to come back to:

    • The good news of Boylan Catholic
    • Economic and social opportunities in the greater Rockford area

Attracting and retaining talent to the area is critical to the success of Boylan Catholic and the greater Rockford area:

  • Impact on Enrollment
    Alumni are returning as Boylan parents. Currently, 25% of Boylan students have at least one parent who graduated from Boylan Catholic. The best student prospect is the child of a former student who believes in the school’s mission and impact on young people.

  • Large Pool of Boylan Boomeranger Prospects
    Approximately 97% of Boylan graduates go on to post secondary education and succeed in a multitude of programs.  Many of their families and extended families are current Rockford area residents.

  • Impact on Boylan Catholic and local Catholic Churches
    National studies indicate that Catholic school graduates are 90% more likely to serve the Church.

  • Impact on the Rockford Community
    National studies indicate that Catholic school graduates are more civically engaged than their non-Catholic counterparts.

    The Rockford Area Economic Development Council reports that a 1% increase in college graduates who return to the area will have a $250,000,000 economic impact on our community. There will be substantial economic opportunities for college graduates who return the area as our Baby Boomers near retirement.



Future Leaders Program

The school, its students, and the Alumni Association would benefit from identifying, serving, and inspiring future business and professional leaders.

The Future Leaders Program seeks to involve student leaders in Alumni Association activities: Boylan Student & Alumni Service Projects, Alumni Board Meetings, Alumni Awards Night during Homecoming Week, and BBPN Speaker Forums.

The Future Leaders Program would also assist the Guidance Department with Career Day; a speaker program for Boylan Students.

Celebrate the existing student/alumni relationship as well as new success stories in Accent Magazine.

Create a small-scale mentoring program between student leaders and Alumni Board members.



Contact Information:

Lynn C. McConville '68
Director of Advancement

Phone: (815) 877-8008
Fax: (815) 877-8098


Michele F. Brown '93
Associate Director of Advancement

Phone: (815) 316-2422
Fax: (815) 877-8098