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The Library Media Center, as an integral part of the educational program at Boylan Catholic High School, operates on the principles underlying the basic philosophy of this institution, especially “to stimulate and guide students in their spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, social and physical development through the acquisition and use of knowledge.”

With this in mind, the Information Literacy Standards are applied through collaboration with the faculty to create a viable learning community at Boylan Catholic High School.



  1. To enrich and support the curriculum of Boylan Catholic High School by locating, procuring and processing appropriate supplementary materials.
  2. To provide resource materials for the faculty and administration that will aid in teaching and administration, including professional periodicals and books, as well as access to audio-visual materials and the Internet, and library systems beyond Boylan Catholic High School
  3. To provide access to information and teach the methods of searching for information in today’s global society.
  4. To ensure students receive services adapted to their needs and materials appropriate for use with the school curriculum.
  5. To promote the joy of reading
  6. To develop and maintain a library facility with the physical environment suitable for and conducive to research and study.


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