Parent Organizations:

The Home and School Association Board encourages parental involvement in student life through volunteerism. Its Board sponsors the annual back to School Night, Natural Helpers luncheon/style show, Afterglo dinner/auction, and other activities. Chairmen of the following parent organizations comprise the board:


Home and School Association Board:

Tracy Krahmer, Co-Chairman Email
Home: (815) 332-7162

Tracy Walter, Co-Chairman Email
Home: (815) 395-0107



Lisa Foti Email
Home: (815) 332-9699

Jean Peterson Email
Home: (815) 282-0866



Lisa (David) Leahr, Co-Chairman Email
Home: (815) 654-2722 Cell: (815) 218-2679

Stacy Paris, Co-Chairman Email
Home: (815) 964-7740 Cell: (815) 222-9912

Petrea Witt Email
Home: (815) 877-2983


The Athletic Boosters support all Boylan teams mainly by working concessions, taking tickets, and ushering at games.

Patti (Gary) Carlson-Alms, Co-Chairman Email
Cell: (815) 670-8575

Steve (Colleen) Girard, Co-Chairman Email
Home: (815) 963-4617

Steve (Kathy) Halbrader, Co-Chairman Email
Home: (815) 633-3658

Doug (Sally) Mark, Co-Chairman Email
Home: (815) 962-2058 Cell: (815) 289-2918


Boylan Open 2014 - Men's:

John Rose Email
Cell: (815) 980-0837


Boylan Open 2014 - Women's:

Renee Markese Email
Cell: (815) 262-5285


The Friends of the Fine Arts support student endeavor in the visual, performing, literary and musical arts. Yearly projects include sponsorship of Mosaic, the school's annual literary magazine, and Boylan's permanent art collection.

Patty Evans Email
Home: (815) 332-4164

Marge Mann Email
Home: (815) 332-2496

Julie Massari Email
Cell (815) 243-3638

Jean Peterson Email
Home: (815) 282-0866

Petrea Witt Email
Home: (815) 877-2983


Natural Helpers recognizes those in the school community who are most regularly sought out by others for listening or advice. A survey is conducted each winter to identify those students and staff members who the student body consider to be "natural helpers." Those identified in the survey are invited to training sessions to refine communication skills.

Jule Popanz - Chair Email
Phone: 877-0531


Natural Helpers Luncheon:

Diantha Gilbert, Co-Chairman Email
Home: (815) 623-1022

Marge Mann Email
Home: (815) 332-2496


Parent Network cooperates with school personnel to chaperone dances, provide speakers on topics pertaining to teens and their parents, and foster communication among parents for the welfare of all Boylan students.

Erin and Greg Kladar Email
Home: (815) 624-4443


Red Ribbon is a substance abuse education program that involves students and parents in support of a drug-free lifestyle.

Paul Perrone - Chair Email
Phone: 815-222-4349