Boylan Wellness Program:

The Boylan Wellness Program (BWP) is designed to address the ever growing pressures of being a teenager in a complex society. Students experience stress while striving for achievement, interacting with peers, dealing with family dynamics, and developing strong religious convictions. the BWP encourages the growth of the total student by offering assistance in overcoming feelings of defeat and developing humble acceptance of their success. A variety of in-school programs are provided.

Support Groups / Referral

Support groups meet weekly for students of like class levels. A trained facilitator promotes discussions, problem solving skills and encourages peer reinforcement. Students are allowed to sign up at the beginning of each semester through their PE classes and may be referred by a parent, friend, academic counselor, administrator, or teacher. Topics included stress management, time management/study skills, grief, peer relationships and many more.

Zero Tolerance

The BWP, under the supervision of the Dean of Student's Office, is responsible for Boylan's Zero Tolerance Substance Abuse program. Random drug testing takes place four times a year. A Rosecrance Student Assistance staff member who is CADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) Licensed conducts the drug testing and provides follow-up with any student who is not in compliance with Boylan's policy.


Unfortunately, some students are injured, need extended hospitalization, have chronic health conditions or experience a death of an immediate family member. the BWP, in coordination with the Academic Dean and the Dean of Discipline, advocates on behalf of the student with his/her teachers and acts as the liaison between the student and his/her teachers. This includes all communication with the teachers, weekly visits with the students, and scheduling all make up work in a timely fashion. It is important to recognize this aspect of the program refers only to those students who are absent due to surgery, injury or have health conditions, validated by a health practitioner or mental health practitioner, that results in an absence for more than five consecutive days.

You are invited to call and speak with Mrs. Voigt if you have any questions or concerns regarding your student and the use of the Boylan Wellness Program.

Contact Information:

Wellness Coordinator -
Mrs. Mary Jean Voigt

Phone: (815) 877-0531