Mission Statement:

Boylan Catholic High School is a Christ-centered community dedicated to the education of the whole person and committed to truth, service, and academic excellence.




Boylan Catholic High School is a Christ-centered faith community which exists as a response to the mandate of Jesus: "Go and teach all nations ..."

Our purpose is to stimulate and guide students in their spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, social, and physical development through the acquisition and use of knowledge.

In accord with the truths of the Catholic tradition, we base our teaching mission on the existence of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as proclaimed in the Gospel and by the Roman Catholic Church.

Boylan Catholic also affirms the inherent dignity of every person; the God-given rights and consequent duties of citizens in society; the sacred right of the child of God to a Christian education; and the primacy of the parents in the education of their children.



Spiritual Director:

Fr. Matthew DeBlock Email
Asst. Principal