Boylan Educational Foundation

The Boylan Educational Foundation, Inc. was established in August, 1980 to build a corpus of funds to provide long term support for Boylan Catholic High School students. Gifts to the Boylan Educational Foundation, Inc. support the students and school in perpetuity, ensuring the school's commitment to excellence.


The Boylan Educational Foundation, Inc. is managed by a Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Matt Montalbano '93 - Chairman
  • Mr. Tom Short - Vice Chairman 
  • Mr. John Lundeen '84 - Treasurer
  • Mrs. Amy Ott '87 – Secretary – President of Boylan Catholic High School
  • Ms. Anne O'Keefe '85
  • Mrs. Elva Chavez Vargas '85
  • Mr. Brian DeBenedetto '77
  • Mrs. Marifran Knutson Georgis '95
  • Mrs. Therese Trenhaile  
  • Mr. Bill Kalma 
  • Most Rev. Bishop David J. Malloy – President – Ex-Officio Director
  • Mr. Mike Kagan - Ex-Officio Director


The Foundation's objectives are:

  1. provide a long term predictable revenue stream for the school as a Christ-centered community dedicated to the education of the whole person and committed to truth, service and academic excellence.

  2. seek and increase Foundation funds

  3. oversee the investment management of its funds through sound investment practices.


For more information about the Boylan Educational Foundation and other support opportunities at Boylan Catholic, including estate and gift planning, contact Director of Advancement Lynn Cuppini McConville at 815-877-8008.



Employer Identification Number (EIN):

For convenience in planning your gift to Boylan Catholic High School, our Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN), is 36-2435617. If more information is required, please contact the Advancement Office at 815-877-8008.



Legacy Brochures:

Legacy Brochure Winter 2018     Legacy Brochure


Contact Information:

Mrs. Lynn Cuppini McConville '68

Mrs. Lynn Cuppini
McConville '68
Director of Advancement
Office: 815-877-8008


Mr. Jeffrey P. Hohn '87

Mr. Jeffrey P. Hohn '87
Associate Director of Advancement - Annual Fund
Office: 815-566-8001


Mr. Jeff Marrs '09

Mr. Jeff Marrs '09
Associate Director
of Advancement - Major Gifts
Office: 815-566-8004


Mrs. Maria Dal Pra Bronowski '87

Mrs. Maria Dal Pra Bronowski '87
Advancement Coordinator
Office: 815-877-8008


Mrs. Maria Dal Pra Bronowski '87

Mrs. Carey Williams
Administrative Assistant
Office: 815-877-8008