Boylan Catholic High School's Center for Health and Fitness will be built in two phases so that current use of the Auxiliary Gym by Physical Education classes and boys' and girls' team practices will not be interrupted. Currently, 65% of Boylan Catholic's students are involved in one of 23 girls' and boys' sports.

The Center for Health and Fitness will benefit every student-athlete and non-athlete alike-who seeks to enhance personal fitness.


Phase One: New Construction

An addition will be built west of the Cafeteria and will be attached to the south wall of the existing Auxiliary Gym by a new corridor. This addition, which will double the amount of practice space, will house:

  • A new Practice/Physical Education Gym (145' x 116') with a divider curtain to allow for two practice areas. These courts have been designed to allow for Physical Education classes as well as volleyball and basketball team practice on two adjacent courts. The space also allows for baseball/softball practice with room for two hitting tunnels and other activities such as PE badminton, dance, etc.

The courts will have the appropriate ceiling clearance and surrounding space required for competition. Baseball nets will allow for practice hitting while other activities take place. The courts will have wood floors.

  • Two new locker rooms for girls' teams and one for boys' teams. The boys' team locker room will have the potential to be divided. All locker rooms will include offices for staff. Team use of these locker rooms will be assigned seasonally.

These locker rooms are situated between the existing Auxiliary Gym and the new practice courts for ease of access to outdoor and indoor sports and PE activities.

  • The Cafeteria kitchen entrance will be reconfigured and storage space will be added.

Deliveries will be made to the south side instead of the west side of the Cafeteria. The parking lot will be reconfigured to allow for delivery.


Phase Two: Repurposing/Renovation

The Auxiliary Gym, built in 1971, will be repurposed. The existing Boys' Locker Room and Weight Room will be renovated.

Auxiliary Gym:

  • One-third will become a generously-sized Training Room and Athletic Department offices.

Rehabilitation, training and physical therapy needs will be met in a space three times the current size. Staff will have access to ice machines, taping areas, massage tables, whirlpools and associated equipment.

  • Two-thirds will become the new weight room, located in the main area of the former Auxiliary Gym. The new Weight room will be more than twice the size of the former weight room. It will be located in the main area of the former Auxiliary Gym.

Boys' Locker Room, Weight Room:

  • The existing Boys' Locker Room will be increased, reconfigured, and renovated for Physical Education and team use.
  • The existing Weightlifting Room will be renovated to accommodate cardio workout equipment.


A Donor Wall will be framed by the existing main gym doors and the concession hallway near the student entrance. There, Boylan Catholic's students, staff, alumni, and friends will be reminded of those benefactors whose dedication built the Center for Health and Fitness.



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Lynn Cuppini McConville Email
Director of Advancement
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Contact Information:

Lynn Cuppini McConville '68 Email
Director of Advancement

Phone: (815) 877-8008
Fax: (815) 877-8098


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