Board of Directors:

Lynn Cuppini McConville '68 Advancement Director

Jeff Marrs '09 Associate Advancement Director

Maria Dal Pra-Bronowski '87 Advancement Coordinator

Emily Rosen Schubert '04 Enrollment Director

Nick Nelson '85 (President)

Mary Buscemi Gavan M '66 (Secretary)

Tom Giovingo '74

Carl Armato '79

Jeff Maney '84

Katie McGee Schmid '84

Dana Welte Harmon '87

Laura Sanders Ahern '91

Shelby Anderson Moore '92

J Hanley '96

Katie Yagle Bryant '01

Shannon Ring '01

Jake Castanza '08 (Vice Pres.)

Zach Lynde '10

Mary Katherine Kladar '11

Alumni Board

The purpose of the Alumni Board is to advance Boylan Catholic’s mission by:

  • Creating a united, informed, and energized network of alumni who support the spiritual, academic, and extracurricular programs at Boylan Catholic.
  • Organizing alumni resources, both human and financial, for the benefit of Boylan students.
  • Serving alumni by offering a wide range of activities and programs.
  • Encouraging alumni to maintain a lifelong relationship with Boylan Catholic.
  • Enhancing the three major areas of Boylan Advancement: Friends, Funds, and Freshmen.




Boylan continues a long tradition of Catholic education begun in 1910 by St. Thomas High School. This school, at first coeducational, became a school for boys in 1929 when Bishop Muldoon High School for girls opened. St. Thomas closed in 1962, while Muldoon graduated its last class in 1970.

The Alumni Board proudly serves the 18,020 graduates of Muldoon, Boylan, and St. Thomas High Schools. Since 1985, the Alumni board has served the 18,020 graduates of Rockford's Catholic secondary schools.




Any graduate of St. Thomas, Muldoon, or Boylan Catholic, or other persons at the discretion of the President, may serve on Alumni Board. Additional committees may be established by the Board with a two-thirds vote. Action may be taken by each committee as specifically noted in these by-laws or as otherwise empowered by the Board.

Committee Chairs shall submit a brief review of their committee activities and results as directed by the Board President. This includes, but is not limited to a committee evaluation and recommendations for future action.

  1. Strategy Team - The Executive Board meets in the months in which there is no formal Board meeting. The purpose of this committee is to conduct short-term and long-term planning, review of Alumni Board activities, by-law review and revision, and prospective board member and officer selection. Any action so taken must be ratified by the Board at its next meeting.

  2. Future Titan Committee - The purpose of the Future Titan Committee is to connect our future students and parents (alumni and non-alumni) to Boylan Catholic. This includes, but is not limited to creating and distributing a quarterly newsletter, The Future Titan.

  3. Alumni Service Committee - The purpose of the Alumni Service Committee is to plan, promote, and execute service projects that benefit our school and/or community.

  4. Alumni Recognition Committee - The purpose of the Alumni Recognition Committee is to plan, promote, and execute a comprehensive Alumni Awards Program. This includes, but is not limited to, creating a nomination and election process for the Veritas Award, Young Alumnus Award, Outstanding Teacher, Honorary Alumnus Award, and the Alumni Excellence Award.


Contact Information:

Mrs. Lynn Cuppini McConville '68

Mrs. Lynn Cuppini
McConville '68
Director of Advancement
Office: 815-877-8008


Mr. Jeffrey P. Hohn '87

Mr. Jeffrey P. Hohn '87
Associate Director of Advancement - Annual Fund
Office: 815-566-8001


Mr. Jeff Marrs '09

Mr. Jeff Marrs '09
Associate Director
of Advancement - Major Gifts
Office: 815-566-8004


Mrs. Maria Dal Pra Bronowski '87

Mrs. Maria Dal Pra Bronowski '87
Advancement Coordinator
Office: 815-877-8008


Mrs. Maria Dal Pra Bronowski '87

Mrs. Carey Williams
Administrative Assistant
Office: 815-877-8008