Mobile iPad Lab Schedule


You must first be logged into your school email account to view the calendar to the left.

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A green-box represents an open time-slot...

Red/Orange boxes represent a blocked-out hour...

Time-slots that are missing (neither green or red/orange) are not available due to transit of the lab.

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Check the calendar to the left and make sure that your date/hour time-slot(s) you want are available.

Email Mr. Anderson with the date and periods you would like to checkout the lab for.

He will reply to you promptly, confirming the time slot(s) if available.

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The calendar will be monitored to prevent monopolizing the lab. Please be considerate of others who are looking to use the lab.

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The availability of the lab is only scheduled out a few weeks into the future - so plan accordingly.

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If you need the lab for only part of 4th or 5th hour please specify that clearly when emailing Mr. Anderson.