Clubs and Student Organizations:

Anime Club:

Anime Club discusses various types of Japanese Anime, mangas, video games, as well as the culture. Students who are interested in any of these things are welcome to come to the meetings.

Asian Club:


Art Club:

Art Club is for students who wish to pursue the visual arts by exploring ideas and media whether for personal growth, or school/community service beyond the classroom. Art Club offers a studio environment that encourages cooperation, and creativity. The club is open to all students, even those not currently in an art class.

Bass Fishing Club

Bass Fishing Club is an IHSA activity for those interested in perfecting their angling skills.

Book Club:

Boylan Book Club selects and discusses books (and movies based on books) for the enjoyment of reading. The BBC also sponsors author visits to Boylan and hosts "meet n greet" receptions for them and helps with the annual Book Fair that supports the Boylan Library.

Broadcasting Club:

Broadcasting Club creates live streaming Internet coverage of Boylan events.

Chess Club:

Chess Club exists to provide all students with a place to have fun, learn and play chess, and become more adept at problem-solving, planning, and foresight.

Drum Line:

Drumline is intended for students who enjoy playing percussion instruments. The group performs at home football and basketball games.

French Club:

French Club is open to students of this language to develop a richer understanding of French culture through activities and outings.

Fuel Up to Play 60:

Fuel Up to Play 60, promoted by the National Dairy Council and the NFL, empowers students as peer leaders and role models for healthy nutrition and physical activity at school and in the community.

Gamers club:

Gamers Club is an opportunity for students to socialize and have fun together based on their hobby of playing video games. Students will have an opportunity to play multi-player games against each other, play single player games, and spend time discussing gaming strategies and preferences. Games will be approved on an individual basis.

German Club:

German Club is for students of the German language, as well as students interested in German culture. The club's monthly activities, include dinners and festivals.


Improv Club promotes the development of creativity in the theatre arts.

Key Club:

Key Club Kiwanis Educating Youth is a service organization open to all. The club sponsors various projects throughout the year designed to help the less fortunate or those in need.


Link Crew is a freshman transition program. Junior and senior students are trained to lead freshman orientation activities to ensure the incoming students are prepared, supported, and connected to the Boylan community on the first day of school and throughout their freshman year.

Math Club:

Math Club meets prior to the regional Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics competition. A subsequent meeting takes place before the state level of this competition.

Mock Trial:

Mock Trial Students interested in trial law may audition for acceptance to the Mock Trial team. The selected students meet weekly beginning in the fall to prepare an assigned criminal or civil case for presentation at competitions sponsored by the Illinois Bar Association.

National Honor Society:

National Honor Society The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes outstanding students in the areas of academics, character, leadership and service. Boylan High School follows the selection procedures described in this handbook : Junior and senior students' academic records are reviewed to determine those who have a cumulative weighted average of 3.5. Students who meet this requirement are notified and informed that for further consideration for selection to the NHS Chapter, they must complete a Student Activity Information Form. Failure to complete this form and turn it in by the assigned deadline will result in the student's name being removed from the list of those being considered for membership. Faculty members are invited to evaluate the candidates in the areas of leadership and character. When determining membership, school attendance, demerits and classroom participation will be considered as well as extracurricular activities and community involvement. According to the Constitution, students selected must be considered by the faculty to be outstanding in all areas. Membership in the NHS is an honor conferred by the faculty of Boylan Catholic High School. It is not a right earned. Once inducted into the National Honor Society, students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative weighted GPA With membership comes responsibility. The Chapter is expected to choose one or more major school or community projects for the year. Each member is expected to contribute to these projects, as well as attend scheduled meetings prior to the school day. Individual members also have the responsibility to choose other areas of involvement that meet the criteria of leadership, character and service. Members who do not meet these responsibilities are asked to submit their resignation. More information may be found at View the NHS By Laws.

Natural Helpers:

Natural Helpers recognizes those in the school community who are most regularly sought out by others for listening or advice. A survey is conducted to identify those students and staff members who the student body considers to be “natural helpers”. Those identified in the survey are invited to training sessions to refine communication skills.

Red Ribbon

The Red Ribbon Program works to combat student drug and alcohol use. Emphasis is on teaching the importance of life goals and the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on these goals.

Scholastic Bowl:

Scholastic Bowl is an IHSA activity for those who love trivia and Jeopardy, Scholastic Bowl is open to all levels. Competition with schools within the NIC-10 and from around the state takes place from November through March.

Science Olympiad:

Science Olympiad is an American high school team competition that requires knowledge of various science topics and engineering ability. The goal of the competition is to give one's best effort while displaying honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship, and not violate the spirit of the problem. All are expected to display courtesy and respect toward one another.

Senior Retreat Team:

Senior Retreat Team Senior boys and girls are trained to assist as facilitators for the various retreats at Boylan and the parishes.

Spanish Club:

Spanish Club Any student of the Spanish language may participate in the culturally based activities of this club.

Student Council:

Student Council The four elected officers plus class officers at each level and elected representatives plan and participate in activities to enhance school life, raise monies for the "Speed" McCoy Scholarship Fund and coordinate the annual adopt-a-family Christmas basket program.

Student Ambassadors:


Students Assisting Relief Organizations (SARO):

S.A.R.O. stands for Students Assisting Relief Organizations. This group participates in activities that raise monies to help groups and agencies.

Theatre / Musicals:

Theatre/Musicals Theatrical experiences include two stage productions each year, in the fall and in the spring. All roles require auditions. A wide variety of  41 technical opportunities is available for those who are interested in this aspect of theatre.

Ukulele Club:

Ukulele Club affords students the opportunity to appreciate music made on this instrument in addition to learning how to play it.

Ultimate Frisbee Club:

Ultimate Frisbee Club is a recreational activity for Frisbee fanatics.

Voice for the Unborn, Pro Life Club:

Voice for the Unborn promotes pro-life principles in the Boylan community and beyond through education, action, and prayer. In response to Pope John Paul II's call, we are working to help build a "culture of life."


The EDGE staff receives intensive experience in all aspects of the production of photojournalism. Interested students must apply for acceptance to this elective English class and provide references from three faculty members.


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