Customized Education For Each Student

In keeping with our rich tradition of academic excellence and a supportive educational environment, our curriculum is thoughtfully planned to provide students with a customized program suited to their interests and strengths.  We utilize a placement system that consists of four challenge levels:  general, academic, honors, and Advanced Placement.  All students regardless of academic ability have the opportunity to develop their talents to the fullest extent possible.  Our mission is to prepare them for advanced forms of education, or the workplace.  Students are also encouraged to develop critical minds, connect ideas among diverse subject areas, and form a life-long devotion to learning that informs moral choices and trasorms lives.  

-4 academic tracks meet the needs of students at all learning levels

-Courses from different tracks can be mixed for a truly customizable education that maximizes each student's strengths

-Robust elective courses including Art, Business, Engineering, Family & Consumer Sciences, Information Technology, Music, & World Languages

-Academic Support Services for students with IEP, ISP, and 504 Plans

-AP-nearly 20 Advanced Placement Courses offered

-Dual Credit Class allows students to earn credit towards their Boylan Diploma and toward credit accepted at most Colleges & Universities