Graduation Requirements

Graduation To graduate from Boylan, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 23.75 credits in the following areas:


Eight Semesters

3 credits


Eight Semesters

4 credits


Six Semesters

3 credits

Social Science**

Six Semesters

3 credits


Four Semesters

2 credits

Physical Education

Seven Semesters

1¾ credits


One Semester

½ credit

Consumer Education

One Semester

½ credit

Fine or Applied Arts

Two Semesters

1 credit

Elective Courses


5 credits

Christian Service****


25 hours/year

Total for graduation


23.75 credits


*          Of 3 credits, one must be Algebra 1 and one must be a course that includes geometry content.
**        Students must pass the Illinois and U. S. Constitution Tests.
***       Biology is required.
****     Twenty-five hours of service each year.

The Fine Arts or Applied Arts requirement may be met by passing a course in the Art, Career & Technical Education, Music, or World Language departments.

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