Course Levels Offered


What are Boylan's four academic challenge levels?

Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP)

Courses are designed for students who show exceptional ability in an area. The students should meet individual department recommendations and expect additional demands. Honors and AP classes are weighted and identified on the transcript. The transcript reports both non-weighted and weighted cumulative grade point averages. Students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the national AP exam. 

Course LevelsNote: Grades lower than C- are not weighted. Students receiving a quarter grade of D or lower will be considered for transfer from the Honors to an Academic level course section at the semester unless the student raises his/her grade to at least a C. Students are not allowed to drop an AP course.

Academic (A)

Courses are designed for students of average or above average ability. Academic courses are designed as college preparatory courses.

General (G)

Courses are designed for work in the basics of an area at a slower pace of study.